Hi, I'm Ellen!

So I'm a third-year Canadian university student. I'm studying Psychology, because... it's the closest I can get to studying mind-reading? It does help me understand my own brain, which is great, because I suck at that sometimes.

Aaand sometime I Frankensteinize "real" Psychology for the sake of humor.

I fly stunt and traction kites. I swear it's the only workout for arm muscles that's actually fun. What the heck is traction kiting, you ask? I'll just link you to this video.

We can pretend it shows the skill level I'm at. ...no? Darn. Someday.

I hoard books. I would need at least three bookcases to properly store my hundreds of books. I have one overflowing bookcase, and several boxes full of books in my closet. I will never replace these with a Kindle, ever.

To be clear, I didn't say I'll never GET a Kindle. I'm open to that possibility.

I grew up with a billion younger siblings. Well, actually, there are seven of the little boogers. I moved out after high school... I think the reasoning behind that is self-explanatory.

To all the boogers: I still love you guys!

I blog and draw silly pictures because it's fun. I'm a huge fan of Allie Brosh, The Oatmeal and The Bloggess, as well as dozens of other bloggers, writers and webcomic authors. I know that I'm not the first or even the hundredth person to start a cartoon blog. This doesn't bother me. It's just so much fun!

My promise to readers: I like blogs with pictures. And this blog is full of silly pictures! I will never post a blog entry without a cartoon or picture of some sort. In other words, there will always be something pretty to look at without having to read words and hurt your brain. Yay!!!

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  1. Word. I just made my 'about me' post and first post one in the same. And it was like a two-for-one deal.

  2. You're welcome to come to a little suburb north of Seattle, find my second-floor apartment, and throw me out the window... assuming you can get my fat butt past my husband, whose desk is in front of said window. But now you don't have to...

  3. @Rachel: Guess that's one way to do it! Too bad my first post was a lame attempt at derailing procrastination and had nearly nothing to do with introducing me as a person.

    @Jenn: Would you pay for my return plane ticket? If so I'd be happy to oblige, since, as you say, it really isn't necessary at this point. XD


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