Hi there! You've stumbled across my awards page.

I don't publish posts very frequently. Some people blog twice a week, or even daily! Not me. I'm trying to update twice a month. So I don't really feel comfortable writing a whole post just to participate in a blogging-question-game or pass on an award.

(By the way, if you do tag me in a question game, I will come over and answer them in your comments!)

HOWEVER, there are lots of amazing people who have given me awards to say they like what I write! And I feel totally guilty when I don't recognize them with the typical "Thank You" link and post.

And thus this page was born!

I've seen this done by a few other bloggers, and hoped it would solve my problem. Henceforth, whenever I get an award I will recognize it here (with link love for the person who gave it to me!)

And now, without further ado: The Awards!

This is a "3"
Awarded by:
The enthusiastic Bozo of A Bozo's Abbozzo

I'm supposed to share 3 things about myself:
1. I hate bacon and love asparagus
2. I have a half-finished acrylic painting in my closet
3. I once got a fishhook stuck in my big toe

Liebster Blog
Awarded by:
The awesome Gabi of Crazy Socks and Ninja Bunnies (Now relocated to Tangential Bemusings)
The incredible Flyergirl13 at Drizzled in Awesomeness
The hilarious Woody from Woodn't Ya Know It
The creative Jay at Down The Rabbit Hole

Kreativ Blogger
Awarded by:
The adventurous Tress of Jumble Mash

Blog of the Month (June 2011)
Awarded by:
The spectacular Dan at Into Geek

Thanks everyone! =D You Rock! I plan on giving out my own, invented awards at some point... so stay tuned!

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  1. Hey, this is a great idea. I've only received two awards so far so I'm still at the novelty stage - but maybe I'll end up doing something similar to this eventually.


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